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The Bioinformatics Laboratory is fully equipped with 100 Mbps Internet Facility, 2 HP Workstation with 16 GB RAM, 10 HP desktop system with 8GB RAM, 8 Dell Optiplex with 4 GB RAM, 12 HCL desktop system with 2 Gb RAM , 5 KVA On-line UPS, and one High end graphics workstation for Molecular Modelling, Drug Designing and Next Generation Sequencing . One LCD projectors are available for class room teaching.

The Department has acquired internationally acclaimed software for bioinformatics used for both teaching and research from M/S Accelrys Inc., USA. This package consists of Discovery Studio 3.5 for Sequence analysis, Molecular Modelling, Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship (QSAR), Discovery Studio Modelling, Biosolve IT-FlexX. The Department has also installed the genomics software like CLC Genomics and Main workbench, Avadis NGS, e-Prime, e-Pep and e-Litmus,  Further, the laboratory also has most of the important public domain Bioinformatics software packages installed separately with academic licenses that serve as additional infrastructural platforms to enhance both teaching and research.


  1. Accelry Discovery Studio 3.5 
  2. Biosolve IT- FlexX
  3. Avadis NGS
  4. e-Prime 4.0
  5. CLC Main Workbench 4.9
  6. CLC  Genomics Workbench 4.9
  7. e- Pep
  8. e-Litmus


  1. 2 HP Z 210 Business Workstation with Intel Xenon Processor, 16 Gb Ram
  2. 10 HP Computer with Intel Core i5 Processor, 8 Gb Ram
  3. 8 DELL Computer with Intel core 2 duo Processor, 4 Gb Ram
  4. 12 HCL Computer with Intel core 2 duo Processor, 2 Gb Ram