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Miss. V. VIJAYALAKSHMI [2008-2012 Batch]

Siddaganga Institute of Technology has been like a second home for me. I have never felt away from home in the 4 years of my journey. The campus, faculty & friends are all so warm, that never will make you feel alone. It will be wrong on my part if I don’t mention more about the campus. The ever green campus is so refreshing that will never make you want to go out of the campus and plus it brings a positive vibe on you.
Department of Biotechnology is filled with energetic faculties, who are always on their toes to teach us with the upcoming technologies. They support their students not only in studies but also in other extracurricular activities. Because of their constant support each and every student passed out from the department are doing so well in their life and making them proud.
I finished my BE-Biotechnology in the year 2012 with flying colours. I further enrolled myself for MTech – Biotechnology at M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology (MSRIT), Bengaluru. On Completion of MTech I worked as a Junior Research Fellow (JRF) on a DST funded project at MSRIT. Presently I’m pursuing my PhD under VTU at Department of Biotechnology, MSRIT.

Miss. REEMA AIYAPPA [2010-2014 Batch]

SIT offers a fantastic academic environment, seminars, interdisciplinary initiatives, as well as a remarkable library and sport facility.
I was initially attracted to the Biotechnology department by the high-grade research facilities and the faculty, which invests a great deal in the students. The department is committed to research at the highest standards and gives the students the freedom to think of a research idea and test the prediction. The course is hands-on and the syllabus used is up to date with progress being made in fields of science and technology. The best thing about being a student here is the number of additional opportunities that are available outside of the classroom thereby taking a student’s learning beyond theory. I would encourage potential students to enjoy and exploit the trainings, academic expertise, and social network that the department has to offer to the fullest.
To any new student coming to SIT, I would say this: Throw yourself at every opportunity that comes your way. If it gets too much, you can always scale back, but those opportunities can make all the difference between broadening your horizon and having to settle for mediocrity.

Miss. AKSHATHA GANNE [2010-2014 Batch]

Words fail me as I start to describe my college. For me, graduating from Siddaganga Institute of Technology is more than just getting a diploma. It is a place that prepares you not just academically but also morally. I am currently pursuing my master’s in Bioinformatics and computational biology in one of the public universities in the United Sates George Mason University, and I attribute my success to my college especially to the faculty and management for an environment where you can develop your skills for your future endeavors.
The first thing that comes to mind when I think about the Department of Biotechnology, is not just about the wonderful faculty which has a great energy and gives inspiration to learn more concepts but also the that facilities provided by my college to help us gain knowledge in a practical way. The curriculum, the schedule, everything my department designed taught how to improve my knowledge in a theoretical way and gave me ample opportunities to implement that knowledge in daily life.
Every word I have said above or every aspect I mentioned about my college in this feedback comes from my heart. I owe my success to my college, my faculty who made me realize that no goal is too big to achieve. Wishing Siddaganga Institute of Technology and department of Biotechnology would thrive and continue to help students like me to realize their dreams.

Miss. ARPITHA and  Miss. ANJANA [BT Students MSRIT – Bangalore – 2016]

We  Arpitha Atchutuni and  Anjana C are the pass out of M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology. We did our final year B.E project on the topic “in silico analysis of functional SNPs of the gene NKX2-1 for the identification on lung cancer”  in Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur.
The experience here was very good, we got to learn and use Discovery Studio 3.5 which is a very important and expensive tool in bioinformatics.The guide Mr.Vivek Chandramohan was really helpfull and patient, he helped us and guided us in every single step. We convey our heartfelt thanks to our guide. We would also thank Dr.B.S Gowrishankar,HOD of the Department of BIotechnology, SIT, Tumkur, for providing us with the facilities.

Miss. POOJA SHASTRY [BT Student IDSG – Chikmaglur – 2015]

Gaining knowledge of subject which is really new was not a easy thing but the department of biotechnology, SIT, Tumkur made it so relaxing. We had come to SIT in the month of July 2015 to get our academic project done and the college provided such a healthy atmosphere where even a average student could easily grasp all the new topics. Also the college provided the necessary accommodation for the students and with no difficulty we’ve gained knowledge at SIT.
The faculty of biotechnology department were friendly enough so we could freely ask even the negotiable doubts. At SIT, learning was fun, interesting and brain storming. Department of biotechnology influenced me so much that I decided to pursue masters in bioinformatics.I being ex student of IDSG college, Chikmaglur currently pursuing MSc bioinformatics and the only inspiration is department of biotechnology, SIT, Tumkur. All thanks to the department and our H.O.D. Biotechnology, for bringing us to SIT and letting us explore new things.

Mr. NAGADARSHAN E [BT Student IDSG – Chikmaglur – 2017]

As the proverb says,”Experience is the best teacher”,it’s my new episode of working in SIT.We had come to SIT in the month of June 2017 to get our academic project done and the college provided such a helpful atmosphere.The experience here was very good and useful,and we got to learn and use Discovery Studio3.1,which is very useful and costly tool in bioinformatics ,addition to this we also learnt about HPLC (high pressure liquid chromatography). The lecturers were very friendly and we are guided by Vivek chandramohan sir.He guided us in every single step.We should also thank to the HOD of Biotechnology(SIT), Dr.B.S.Gowrishankar  and also our Biotechnology HOD, Hanumanthappa K Makari for bringing us to SIT to explore new things.


The Bioinformatics and rational drug design domain offered by BTFS is of very high standards and moreover is taught by the leading, experienced and knowledgeable teachers and teaching assistants. I highly recommend this course to all biologists with a strong interest in bioinformatics. Thanks to DBT for the financial support. It was the best postgraduate diploma course I have ever pursued.


I found the Bioinformatics and Rational Drug Designing (BRD) course on Biotech Finishing School (BTFS) extremely valuable to my research and career. The course did an amazing job to educate me in Bioinformatics, both in terms of the underlying science and in terms of practical tools, techniques and on-line resources. I can’t imagine a more effective year long exposure, in both academic and industrial levels. The faculties and fellow students were first rate. I was impressed with their willingness and ability to convey excitement, enthusiasm and knowledge in a way that I could grasp. It was great to work cooperatively with fellow students as a team. The diversity of backgrounds and interests was an unexpected bonus.